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All services are provided in three languages:

English, French, and Persian

and soon in...


A significant problem of all times has been to communicate what we have in mind to others. In writing, this is harder because we have nothing more than words or pictures to say what we want. Things become more complicated when we understand that we haven't communicated our ideas correctly and that others have misunderstood us.



Writing professionally isn't something you know by birth (the so-called native editor or writer!). If this were true, most of the native ordinary people of a country would be qualified to write and edit professional or scientific texts because they were born and grew up in that country and are natives of that culture. This goes for all languages. Writing, editing, translating, or researching are things that you have to learn by doing your studies and experiencing...

communication and understanding
Fantasy story books
Livre de poche in book fair 2018

This website will be dedicated to those who seek to work professionally in the fields of intercultural communication and scientific research. We can work in the form of translation, interpretation, research, writing, editing, and popularizing knowledge.  

If you seek to work with a professional to achieve the best result in getting people to understand your message (whether in business, science, or arts) and get things done professionally, you're in the right place! 

For more information, please have a look at my previous works. In case of any comments or questions please contact me directly. I am always happy to be at your service.

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