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In this section, you can see my previous experiences, published works, university degrees, certificates, and all that is related to my professional competence.​ I've had the privilege of working with many people and corporate and academic organizations. They taught me a lot and gave me the chance to learn from them. 


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In brief, here's what you'll find:


1- Certificates and Degrees

    "Here, you can see some of my certificates and degrees."

2- Professional Memberships

    "In this section, you can see some of the associations and research centers that I am or have

      been a member of them."

3- Scientific articles as editor

     "I've been the editor (and translator) of 138 scientific articles in English and a few articles

      in Persian. Some of them have been published in some of the world's best scientific journals

      in their own respective fields of research."

4- Scientific articles as author

      "I've been an author of three scientific articles in English. Hopefully, more is coming soon!"

5- Scientific journals as editor

      "I have the experience of being a member of editorial groups in launching new scientific

        journals. Also, I have worked with them in enhancing the position of their journals in the

       indexing systems." 

6- Publications for the IRIB

      "After about eight years of working in different sectors of IRIB, I've published 25 books for

        this media organization. Most of these titles were popularization of media knowledge for

        the employees and TV production teams." 

7- Publications for the public 

       "This part includes the books, non-scientific articles, and other texts that I have published

         for the public. Up to now, I have published 4 books and 2 more will come soon..." 

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