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Certificates and degrees

Here you can have a glimpse at some of my certificates and educational degrees. I've tried many things in life and will do so in the future. So, I'll complete this part in time. 


Educational degrees


What do I do?

Right now, I'm working on the association between the language of science and foreign language in a country and translation flow (the number and types of translated books). It's a historical-sociopolitical approach to translation research based on the descriptive paradigm and polysystem theory. Stay tuned for the results...

What did I do?

In this part of life, I worked more than before and did my studies at the university. Since I was fond of science and had done some translation and editing of medical texts, I decided to study the linguistic changes that occur in the translated medical books in my thesis. 


What did I do?


The undergraduate or college years were quite fun. I had just begun to understand the professional world of work and I was planning for my future. In the third semester, I and a friend established an educational institute called "Farazpouyan" within the university campus to provide cheap courses in language and music for the students of our university. Of course, things didn't go as we wanted. Although we were becoming quite successful, after 10 months some university officials decided that our work should end. Still, it was a great experience. 

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