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Scientific articles as author

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  • Khanmohammad H, Mousavinasab SMH. Translation shifts in medical translation from English into Farsi. SKASE J Transl Interpret. December 2014;7(1):73-90


      In simple words:

       It's the article I wrote based on my master's thesis. It's about the linguistic changes that medical texts 

       undergo when they are translated from English into Farsi (Persian).


  • Nejadhussein S, Rahimian H, Mousavinasab SMH. The relationship between knowledge management and R&D performance: A case study in the auto industry. Int J Innov Tech Manag. October 2014;11(5):1450034


      In simple words:

       This article is based on a research about how Iran Khodro's R&D section functions regarding 

       knowledge management. 

  • Ebrahimpour H, Salarzehi H, Mousavinasab SMH. Governance in Iran: Toward a sustainability governance model. Interdi J Contemp Res Bus. December 2010;2(8):193-202


      In simple words:

       This article discusses the required fundamentals for establishing a modern government in Iran. It is 

       based on the Ph.D. dissertation of Mr. Ebrahimpour in the field of public administration. I have

       helped in preparing and writing the article.  


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