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Unlike some of my colleagues, I prefer to do my best in a job than to set categories like golden, silver, and bronze for giving different work quality. Why would we waste time on doing a bad quality job just to let a customer pay less than the standard payment for a good job? This will have consequences for both us and the customer. 

The customer will suffer because her/his work will not have the best quality and s/he might have to expend more (money and time) to recover many problems of low-quality work. Also, we will suffer because the customer would think that this is the true quality of our work. Based on experience they will never say that they asked for a less-quality job. Instead, they will say that the translator, editor, etc. did a bad job and of course, we will get a bad reputation.


So, I either do my best or do not work at all... 

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All the works that I have the honor to do will have a guarantee until achieving the required result (publication or else). In other words, if I do something for you, I'll be by your side, recover any errors of my work without any further payment and help you as much as I can until you gain the predefined result, whether this is in six months or four years after the job assignment.   

These are the ways to contact me or keep in touch:

As time passes by, my work quality increases because of my new work experiences and courses. So my earlier works are usually not as good as I want. But still, I'm proud of them, because without them I wouldn't be here now. 

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