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Publications for the IRIB

Over the years, I have worked with various sectors of IRIB and have authored several books and documents aimed at disseminating and popularizing media knowledge within this organization. The following are some of my most renowned works, which have garnered a large readership.

در طول سال‌هایی که با بخش‌های مختلف صدا و سیما کار می‌کردم، کتاب‌ها و نوشته‌های مختلفی را به منظور گسترش و عمومی کردن دانش رسانه در آن جا نوشتم. در این جا برخی از مشهورترین آثار که خوانندگان بسیاری در درون سازمان داشت، آورده شده است.

Introducing TV Channels series

TV Festivals Series

Rose d'Or Global Television Festival
Shanghai Television Festival
Edinburgh Television Festival
New York Television Festival
Monte-Carlo Television Festival

20 TV Channels Series

TV-related books

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